Emume nke Missa Ụka Ugu – Maachi 2021

Umu nwanne anyi na Kristi, otiti diri Jesu. This Sunday bu Ụka Ugu (Palm Sunday), and we have an opportunity to once again relive the Passion Gospel. Let’s take the opportunity this Lenten season to reflect further, deepening our spiritual well-being as we come towards the end of Lent.

We pray for the continuing sustenance of our Igbo Catholic community, our wider communities and our families around the world. In particular, those who need our support and prayers at this time. Please click on the link under Mass Information to access the Bulletin and Mass intentions.

Presiding Priest: Rev. Fr. Paul Nwaeze

Mass Information

This month’s celebration of Mass will be virtual on ZOOM in line with public health guidelines. The details to join Mass virtually have been emailed. If you are not in our email distribution or did not receive it, please Contact Us. We encourage you to join at 1pm to socialize with other members of the community before Mass commences at 1:30pm prompt.

We look forward to seeing you all and hope that when Public Health guidelines allow, we can resume to worship in-person.

On behalf of the Coordinator